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  • Amanda McKinney

When God´s People Pray...

Please pray with me for Peru. This Sunday Peru has elections to decide who will be their next president.

The front-runner in the elections is a rural schoolteacher from a Marxist-Leninist party who has promised to rewrite the constitution. His opponent is the daughter of a former right-wing president who has been in prison since 2007 on charges of corruption and human rights violations.

As many news articles state, this is one of the most polarizing elections in Peru´s history. Following an administration of corruption, the vice president taking over due to the president being kicked out from the corruption, then this last year of political turmoil demonstrated by Peru having 3 different presidents in 9 days last November, and COVID compounding the stress of everything, Peruvians are tired and want change.

As the elections have drawn near, I have seen so much division among people here about who to vote for and why, etc. Many are concerned one way or another about what each candidate will do/impose during their presidency. Since Peruvian presidents come in bringing their own congress, change will indeed happen, it is just yet to be seen exactly what that looks like depending on who wins on Sunday.

I would like to ask that ya´ll pray with me for the following:

- That God´s will to be done here in Peru

- That the transition of authority is smooth

- That God´s people here have peace while waiting to find out who wins and afterwards trusting that the decision is in God´s hands

- That we can all continue being the light of Christ to everyone around us

Thank You Brothers and Sisters

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