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  • Amanda McKinney

Known and Loved

Over the holidays I was feeling a bit out of it, nostalgic, lonely, etc. The past couple months have included many sweet moments of seeing God´s abundant blessings and grace, but have also been filled with some very trying times. Almost the whole month of December I felt like I was slowly recovering from some very hard things that happened in November, so I had a difficult time being truly present for all of the many activities that happen in December ending the school year, Christmas, etc. I did not at all feel like myself. It was disconcerting as I struggled to rest in Jesus allowing Him to help me through all the many demands of my time.

One afternoon I was sitting at my laptop taking care of some business while listening to music and the song Known and Loved by CityAlight came on. I was struck by a line in the chorus:

"This truth I treasure, my peace forever

Is being known and loved by Him"

I immediately stopped, breathed, and rested into that verse. What a sweet reminder that God is in control. He is my absolute truth, my peace, my all knowing and loving God and Father. It does not matter what happens in this life, what craziness throws us completely off our normal, He is constant and faithful. Thank You Jesus that in the midst of turmoil in this sinful world, You are our truth and peace forever.

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1 comentario

Susan L
Susan L
15 ene 2023

You have overcome so many challenges testing your faith, and having Satin constantly wanting yo question your work for God. You are a strong person in Christ always in touch with His plans for your journey on this earth. You shine your faith for others to follow. Prayers are being said for you and those children you provide for.

Me gusta
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