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  • Amanda McKinney

New Classroom!

Hello Friends! I have just realized how terribly negligent I have been in posting blog posts! Forgive me! To catch up a bit, here is a summary of what has happened since my last blog post:

We finished the 2021 School year virtually except for meeting in person with the deaf secondary students and the blind secondary students. I went back to the U.S. for a month in January over our summer break, had a lovely visit with my family and church family, and upon my return in the middle of February, was informed that I would be moving classrooms!

The new classroom is bigger but had not really been touched in the two years during COVID. The ceiling had a lot of damage to it, a wall separting a storage area at the back of the classroom was falling apart, there were no screens on the windows, the lighting fixures were not functional, there was no electricity coming through the outlets, the doors have fallen so much that it is a fight to close them, and the floor has a spot where it is cracked and raised due to tree root damage . So as soon as the previous class´things were removed from the classroom, I got to work fixing up the classroom. Due to the generosity of many of you, there were funds in my account that I could expense to be able to pay for the renovation of the classroom. Thankfully we were able to get the classroom functional before the secondary school began on March 14th. Thw storage room wall was replaced, screens were put on all the windows, the ceiling was repaired, new outlets were wired correctly, and new light fixtures and fans were installed. It is a huge blessing to have a bigger space to work in!

We are not done yet as the doors and floor still needs to be fixed, but it is a huge advancement! We are also super grateful that the primary school is allowing us to use some of their desks since they have some classes that are functioning on an A/B schedule, but if they return to full capacity, they will need those desks so we will probably need to purchase our own desks at that time. But what a huge blessing to be able to use this bigger space!

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