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About amanda

Mission Statement

Making the hope of the Gospel accessible to those who have no language, the marginalized Deaf community in Peru, through education and interpretation.


Amanda's interest in Sign Language began at a young age and grew as she learned it from a friend whose mother was deaf. She later studied ASL, linguistics, and deaf culture in college while simultaneously earning her BA in English from George Mason University in Virginia in 2007. After college, she worked for seven years as a full-time, state-certified, staff interpreter with a company in the Washington, DC area. On February 16, 2012, after much prayer, thinking and seeking the Lord's will, God called Amanda to pursue Missionary service to Peru working with the Deaf Community. Then in early 2013, she began the process of answering the call to foreign missions among the deaf in Peru. She spent two weeks in Peru that summer seeking exposure to the Peruvian and deaf culture and community and exploring different service scenarios. In February 2014, she transitioned out of her staff position to begin freelance interpreting in order to have the flexibility to pursue the next steps in her preparations for long-term mission work. She returned to Peru in May and June 2014 to attend Spanish language school and to volunteer at The Refuge of Hope in Pucallpa, Peru in the Amazon Jungle to see if that was where God wanted her. While there the Lord confirmed that working with The Refuge of Hope is indeed where He wants her to serve. With the help of her church, New Life Community Church, and many brothers and sisters in Christ who are supporting her, Amanda moved to Peru in February 2016 and has been teaching as a Deaf Education professor at The Refuge of Hope since April 2016. She also teaches Sign Language Classes to Hearing individuals, interprets in a variety of settings occasionally for Deaf Individuals, and ministers to the girl boarders on the campus of the Refuge of Hope.


Amanda says,


"My constant prayer is that the Lord will continue to develop in me humility, discernment, and love for the people I'm working with and ministering too and continue revealing my role with the ongoing mission work among the deaf in Pucallpa, Peru."


Want to follow her journey?

 Where is Pucallpa?
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