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  • Amanda McKinney

Sweet Blessings

This year I have been reminded multiple times of the priviledge and blessing I have been given to know and have influence in the lives of the amazing young adults I work with. Through COVID my focus transitioned to working more with the secundary students and I learned that I really enjoy working with teenagers and young adults! Being more involved in their lives has given me the blessing of getting to know each one of them and their families more personally. I am privileged to not only be "teacher" to these amazing young adults. For many of them I am also soundboard, voice of truth, confidant, mentor, spiritual mom, etc. And for 2 of them I am so very blessed to be "auntie" and godmother respectively. Those 2 also happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so I and my home are also privileged to be a safe space for them to hang out, etc. My home is also an open door for them to hang out and for the girls, often times spend the night/week with me, especially for my goddaughter.

The friendship and trust I have formed with their families is a sweet blessing. I am so blessed to be allowed to be integrated into their families. That leads to a rollercoaster of emotions as I rejoice with them when one of them got a job in a department store, get exhausted as I run around town with one to get their documents updated, was nervious for one as I went with them to interpret an interview, cry with them as one mourns the death of a family member, hurt for them as they open up and share difficult pasts, practice patience as I help resolve conflicts, etc. But I wouldn´t have it any other way. These spiritual sons and daughters are a huge joy to me and I am so very thankful I am blessed to be a part of their lives.

Please pray that the Lord continue to grow them individually and give me the wisdom to continue mentoring them in His truth.

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