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  • Amanda McKinney

New Mission Agency

I was able to head to South America Mission’s, my new mission agency, home office in South Carolina October 11 – 15th to go through their official orientation process and get all the missing holes of information, procedures, etc. clarified.

It was a lovely time of getting to know their home office staff better and feeling truly embraced into their family. I was very blessed to have already been accepted into and embraced by my South America Mission missionary friends on the field in Pucallpa. Now seeing the equally warm office staff in person and matching faces to the names I had already been interacting with via email was a special treat. Having an on-site team to work with and under in Pucallpa was already a huge blessing I was looking forward to, but now seeing and experiencing the dedication of the home office staff to support us on the field and make sure everything works and functions as smoothly as possible is an especially added blessing.

I was also very blessed to really see in person and get a true understanding for their passion of seeing flourishing churches planted in Latin America through sharing the hope of the gospel. It was refreshing and exciting to hear the genuine love and passion for the Gospel to be shared that just embodies all aspects of the work that they do, from the admin and accounting, to the vision seeking and future planning. I am very excited to be a part of South America Mission’s team and look forward to how the Lord is going to work in our new partnership!

As a reminder to all of my brothers and sisters who are current financial partners, or who would like to partner financially to support the work the Lord is doing among the deaf community in Peru, starting November 1st, all donations need to go to South America Mission. To learn how to do that you can go to the PARTNER WITH ME page of my website.

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