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  • Amanda McKinney

Heaven Rejoices!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

For years I and many others have been praying for the hearts and souls of our deaf high school students, and more recently , for the hearts of 2 of our young men. God decided to respond marvoulously last week!!!

Wednesday, June 30th started like any normal day in the jungle except that is was cold! Due to the cold I knew that few students would show up for classes. As I walked to my classroom, I was surprised to find that one of our young men had actually arrived early!

As we were waiting to see if more students would arrive, I left my co-teacher in the room with the students for a moment. When I returned I found my co-teacher and the young man in a conversation about Salvation. Upon seeing me, my co-teacher immediately passed the baton to me to explain more as he had to go do something. So I continued the conversation answering his questions and making sure he understood his need for a Savior. He told us his heart was pounding as if it would come out of his chest. I could see on his face the battle happening within as the devil fought to keep his soul. But the blessing of the cold weather and at that point only 3 students in the classroom gave us the blessing of time. So I kept praying silently and encouraging him continuing to answer whatever questions or doubts that arose in his mind. I asked him if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus into his heart. He said I helped lead him in acknowledging his need for a Savior and asking Jesus into his heart. As soon as we finished praying I asked him if his heart was still pounding. He said no, then burst into tears. I could see the Holy Spirit´s work of peace on his face. What a joyous day!!!!

I thought that would be the highlight of my week, but God had more plans.... On Sunday, July 4th, we had church service like normal. At the end of every service the pastor always gives an altar call with the invitation to accept Jesus or come forward to repent for sinning, etc. For the first time since we started the Deaf church in 2018, one

gentleman stood up and went forward to ask forgiveness of the Lord. He broke the ice and after him 2 others joined him to ask forgiveness of the Lord. We all knew the 3 that went up are already saved. But as the pastor continued to invite others up, the other young man who is our student stood up and went forward. The pastor went to him and asked him why he had come forward, and he said he wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior! So the pastor helped lead him in prayer. When they had finished the young man returned to his seat as we all were watching him, and as desperately as he tried not to, he couldn´t hold back his tears. Our other student who just accepted Jesus on Wednesday hugged him and once again I saw the Holy Spirit´s peace shining through. The entire church was so excited and we rejoiced knowing that heaven was celebrating and had just defeated the devil´s evil wiles again! What an amazing week of glorious blessing and fruit!!!

Please be praying for these 2 young men as they begin their new lives in Christ. And please be praying that the Lord send men to work with the deaf. These young men need mentors and men to disciple them. The pastor is 67 years old and one of their school teachers, so it is difficult for him to be able to mentor them on a personal level. Please pray with me that the Lord would send workers for this ripe harvest!!!

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