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  • Amanda McKinney

National Scholastic Sports Games

Four of my high school deaf students had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 Scholastic Sports games! Because there are few Deaf students that participate, they all immediately went on to the national level! And to top it off, the Ministry of Education pays for the entire trip, room, & board for all students and their adult companions, so it was a free trip for all of us! So September 24-28, off we went to Lima for the National games along with 2 Blind students, 1 low-vision student, 1 intellectually challenged student and all of their adult companions. It was quite the experience!

First of all, not one of my 4 high schoolers had ever ridden on a plane before, so that was the first exciting adventure! They were both terrified and excited, but now claim to be experts at flying. Next we had the pleasure of staying in rather nice hotels and my students got to experience the oddness of automatic key-cards to get into our hotel rooms & hot showers.

Then it was competition time! I am soo proud to relate that between my 4 deaf kiddos, they won 1 gold medal in Shot-put throwing and 3 bronze medals in Shot-put throwing, long jump, & 80-meter dash respectively! I am soo proud of my kiddos! They had such an awesome, new experience and learned so much! They are already training and planning for next year!

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