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  • Amanda McKinney

I am at WAR...


Over the past month, those itty bitty, tiny little sugar ants have been on a very active offensive trying to take over my house. I have found them setting up house in a variety of places in my house. I was first made aware of their invasion intentions as I turned on my instant pot, which is plugged into a transformer to reduce the voltage, and those tiny pests started pouring out of the transformer as it began to heat up. I quickly unplugged everything and ran the transformer outside until they completed vacated the interior of it.

Not 2 weeks later I followed their ever faithful line to find they had made house inside a singing nativity ornament I had set out on the counter. Needless to say, after unscrewing it apart to get rid of their eggs and family members, the ornament no longer sings. Within the week it was the small boxes that held my unopened almond extract. Not a week later I followed them again to find a massive homestead in between some bags I had set aside in an uncovered rubbermaid to be sewn. I lifted one up and the layer of eggs and extended family members put to shame the previous home options they had attempted to establish.

Seeing as it is rainy season right now, everyone says its just part of normal life, but I do not accept this! I am heading out to the store later to get the latest recommendation I've received form the other missionaries here - Boric Acid....hopefully it isn't poisonous to my cats....

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