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  • Amanda McKinney

God Is Light

I am studying through the book of James with other missionary ladies here and a bit ago we were studying the passage that includes James 1:17,

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

While studying that we looked at other passages that talked about how light casts out darkness; nothing can be hidden when light shines; truth is light; etc.

I had a lovely personal example of how this is true in a very real, tangible way. I was in my house working on my laptop and had back to back Zoom meetings to be a part of. Some days I feel like that is my life spending so much time in front of a screen that I don’t even want to read books on my kindle to avoid more screen time. Anyway, the first Zoom meeting ended early and I just felt blaah and ucky sitting in front of my screen and wanted to get out. I had a sudden desire to just get outside and soak up some sunlight. This came to mind because a friend had shared how she will sometimes just sit outside in direct sunlight to refresh. So I went outside.

I started walking around our volleyball court when I had the urge to just turn to face the sunlight directly, closed my eyes and lifted my face into the radiant beams. I just stood there, soaking in the heat, the sunlight, and felt myself refreshed. I don’t know how long I stood there, but I started to wonder how long it would take me standing there to begin to be sunburned, so I reluctantly began to walk again.

Afterwards I realized that was a direct example of what happens with us when we turn our eyes and hearts to the ultimate, Father of lights. He is the only source that can fill us up, refresh us, and renew us. It was a wonderful, personal illustration of what we are studying in James and I realized I need to turn to Lord so much more often and intentionally to remain filled and able to give what only He can refill.

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