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  • Amanda McKinney

Christmas with the High Schoolers

This year, I have been really blessed to have my High Schoolers be a part of my life. First off, they pretty much half live at my house. Most Sundays after church they usually stay and hang out in my house chatting, eating, having water gun wars, watching Netflix, etc. The girls often ask to have sleep overs at my house and God uses these opportunities greatly to create confidence between us and provide opportunity for discipleship. My house is a safe place on Refugio’s property that their parents trust them to be at, and keeps them out of trouble.

Well, this Christmas Season I have been overly blessed to have them help me decorate, make cookies, drink hot chocolate, and fill my house with laughter and joy. They completely enjoy themselves, but they have no idea how much joy they bring me as well. I am blessed to know them and be a part of their and their families’ lives.

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