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  • Amanda McKinney

Alisson got Baptized!

On July 28th, in celebration of Peru’s Independence Day, we had church service out at Refugio’s “farm” property at Kilometer 15. Included in the day’s activities was a Baptism and I got the privilege to watch Alisson be baptized!

After accepting Christ back in April, both Pastor Carlos and I have worked with Alisson to make sure she truly understand the decision she made and Pastor Carlos decided she was ready to be baptized. So into the man-made lake/”pool” they went! Poor Carlos was having a hard time staying upright, so Jeck Billy, another of my High Schoolers, offered to get into the water too to act as support for both Alisson and Pastor Carlos to hold onto. Unfortunately Jeck Billy ended up getting dunked as well as Alisson was holding onto him as she was dunked. It was kind of funny, but also such a blessing to be able to see Alisson making this public demonstration of her faith! Her family joined us this day as well to be apart of this important act their daughter had decided to take. To God be the glory!!

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