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  • Amanda McKinney

A Great Day!

In the midst of so many unknowns and sadness right now, the Lord blessed me so much today with allowing me to see Him at work in all the little things! And I was able to rejoice and praise Him for that!

Let me set the stage: I had a mission this morning – Enter the “outside world” to go pull cash from an ATM which there were rumors circulating weren’t being restocked with cash, and go grocery shopping. I deal with allergies every morning until I take that day’s allergy pill and it activates in my system, so that is always a concern. Also, the best time to go to the grocery store is right when it opens because there are less people and more products available. Soo many things can happen during such supposed simple tasks in this unprecedented time, that every time I plan to leave the base I get a pit in my stomach just praying that the Lord allow everything to go smoothly. So here is what happened:

Blessing #1 - I got up on time! On my scheduled grocery days, I set my alarm for 5:30 to give me time to get up, take my allergy pill, and let it activate in my body so I am not a snotty, sneezing mess once I go out and everyone thinks I may have COVID

Blessing #2 – I got in line for the grocery store by 6:30 am and my allergies didn’t act up at all! Also, the grocery store opened on time at 7am and I was able to get in with the first group!

Blessing #3 – The grocery store is inside a mall, so I didn’t go straight to the store first, I went to the ATM. And praise Jesus the ATM worked, had been restocked with cash, and didn’t have a transaction fee!! Woop Woop!

Blessing # 4 – I then proceeded to the grocery store where they were thankfully stocked in just about everything I had on my list! Or had sufficient other items I could substitute for the items on my list!

Blessing # 5 – I was able to finish shopping, get home, and just get my groceries put away before a true jungle deluge of rain began which would have made the grocery outing absolutely miserable! I was just praising God for the rain and that I was dry and safe in my home when it started! I did also pray for those individuals outside still in line for the banks and grocery stores who were consequently getting absolutely soaked!

Blessing # 6 – All of the above happened before 9 am and the day barely started! I then did laundry and no joke it was the first load of laundry I had done since moving into the new missionary house that my washer didn’t leak water! I don’t know what fixed the problem, but I’m grateful!

And Blessing #7 – This was just icing on the cake of a great day – I found out that the family of one of my high school students who was waiting to receive their stimulus funds from the government were able to withdraw them!

Individually these things may seem inconsequential, but they are all little blessings from the Lord and together allowed me to have an absolutely great day!

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