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  • Amanda McKinney

4 Year Celebration!

Today, February 10, 2020, I celebrate 4 years serving here in Peru. That's craziness!!! How have I been here 4 years???? It most definitely doesn't seem that long, but it also seems like I've been here forever! In a good way of course....

Four years of the Lord working among His people, growing and teaching me in ways I never thought possible, drawing 3 of my precious students to Himself, and continuing to glorify Himself through us...what an amazing privilege! Soo many brothers and sisters in Christ have partnered with what the Lord is doing here in Pucallpa, Peru, I sure hope they see the wondrous things that Lord has done. It has not been the easiest four years, but I wouldn't change a thing because the Lord has begun to reveal to me the selfishness and arrogance of my heart, but also His graciousness, mercy, love, and sufficiency.

I need many more years here to continue to grow and change....

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