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  • Amanda McKinney

Project CASA Funds Raised!!!

The original quote of $37,000 to build the Missionary House here at Refugio has been met! Woohoo!!! God is so faithful to provide our needs through his faithful body of Christ - YOU! Thank You all sooo much for investing in the ministry here and donating time, sweat, work, and funds to be able to build this house!

I knew that the Lord would work everything out to provide for this house build. I was just reminded yesterday of God's faithfulness through using His people to bless the body of Christ. I spent the night at my Mentor's house over the 4th of July and am always so blessed by them, their example, their love, their hospitality, their Air Conditioning, and their hot showers! Recognizing how I am able to truly breathe and rest when I stay with them reminds me that I will be able to provide the same blessing to others with the new Missionary House! I am so looking forward to see how God is going to use this new house to bless others that come through Refugio as well as the ability to better rest myself with the A.C. and hot shower.

Please continue to pray for this house build. The original estimated end date was the end of July, but that is not going to happen so we are looking at sometime in August as being the end of the project. The overall cost of the construction also increased over the course of the project by about $3,000 due to exchange rate differences, higher costs of materials, and certain things not being included in the original quote for whatever reason. Please pray that God guides the workers to finish well in good time and that He provides the additional, originally unforeseen additional cost of the construction.

Thank You All sooo much! May God Bless you richly as you have blessed me and the ministry here at Refugio!

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