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  • Amanda McKinney


This morning I was listening to worship music on a Christian Radio app and heard a song I hadn't heard before. It is called "HOME" by Planetshakers. I've never heard of this Planetshakers either, but I love this song. Especially the last lines :


Now, My heart is open now

Your Love advances breaks my defenses down

Go, Jesus I'm letting go

Your grace is greater than every failure

Now I'm coming


I know I am home

Safe within my Savior's arms

Right back where I belong


I'm forgiven home

I hear heaven's angels sing

Father you welcome me

Fall, Father You broke my fall

Your mercy found me wrapped arms around me

Now I'm coming

Now I'm running

I'm running, running into Your arms

I'm running, running into Your heart

Your presence is my home

I'm running, running hands lifted high

I'm running, running heart open wide


YOUR PRESENCE IS MY HOME - What an amazing concept and truth. I've read and heard so many times that missionaries especially don't really have a "home" because we have roots/connections with at least 2 different countries/places. And I know there are many others that for various reasons don't feel like they have a "home." But what encouragement and peace it is to truly know that our home is in God's presence. We can seek Him while here on this earth and He always draws us near. But to look forward to the day we are truly HOME when we join Him in glory. What a great assurance for our feeling of flux and non-groundedness. I want to make this a motto/anthem for my life. To remind me to not seek contentment in material comfort, but in His presence alone.

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