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support teams

Amanda's church, New Life Community Church (NLCC) of Stafford, Virginia, is providing many types of support for her as she pursues long-term missions. One of the biggest ways they are doing this is by forming two teams of people comprised of members from the church who have committed to partnering with Amanda in this journey to Peru by providing spiritual and home-base support. They are further described below.

Missionary Nurture Providers

The Missionary Nurture Providers Team will provide spiritual oversight and guidance throughout Amanda's time preparing for Peru and while she is serving in Peru. This team will be comprised of at least one NLCC elder and his wife and one other lady in the church. They will follow up with Amanda regularly and provide a listening ear and spiritual guidance as she strives to fulfill the Lord's will for her in Peru.

Stephen Team

The Stephen Team is a group of at least five individuals fulfilling different roles: a chairperson, a prayer partner, a logistics partner, a financial partner, and a communications partner. This team will provide more of the practical support that is needed throughout all three phases of a missionary's work: pre-field, in the field, and post-field. The individual roles are explained below.



The chairperson will provide general oversight of all Stephen Team functions and partners. They will organize and facilitate quarterly meetings with the full Stephen Team as well as be the POC for any questions the team may have. They will be the general POC for all outside questions/concerns. They will also be the Stephen Team's interface with the Ministry Nurture Providers.


Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners will promote organized intercession to protect and bless Amanda in her life and work. This will be a level beyond the routine mention of her in the Sunday service. The Prayer Partners will share frequent updates with NLCC's Wednesday Prayer Meeting leader. The Stephen Team will devise a convenient way for Amanda to share prayer requests on a regular basis.


Logistics Partners

Logistics Partners will focus on logistical ways they can help Amanda to prepare for her move to Peru, will advise on physical needs arising while in Peru, and will assist with accommodations for her stateside visits. Various ways to help may include finding information about shipping her belongings, storing belongings stateside, and being a resource for the numerous and varied logistical questions which will arise. Shepherd's Staff Missions Facilitators (SSMF) will be a valuable resource to assist Amanda along with her Stephen Team Logistics Partners.


Financial Partners

Administration of missionary support funds, pay, and benefits will be provided by SSMF. They will also help Amanda determine a monthly living expense budget and one-time costs associated with the move and new residency in Peru. Financial Partners will be a sounding board and resource for Amanda as these issues develop during deputation. Additionally, when in Peru, Amanda will depend on the help of her Financial Partners back in Stafford, Virginia, to observe the monthly donor giving reports and the monthly pay and tax reports sent from SSMF. Any concerns or suggestions from the Financial Partners will be a help to Amanda.


Communications Partners

Communications Partners will help facilitate and ensure good communication is available between Amanda and the church. Good dialog between Amanda and the church is desired. It is vital for her to hear from the church through various media. The Communications Partners will assist Amanda with any issues that arise that may inhibit smooth communication between her and stateside individuals. They will also have up-to-date information for how best to stay in contact with Amanda and may assist others in successfully doing so. They may also help set up periodic Skype meetings between Amanda and the NLCC congregation.

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