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  • Amanda McKinney


What comes to mind when you hear the word "Quinceañera?" You may think that its the Latin version of Sweet Sixteen. You would be right in one sense. But the type of party you picture in your mind if you relate it to a sweet sixteen may not be quite accurate. I think the best way to describe a traditional, Quinceañera celebration is a mini-wedding...without the groom...officially....

On January 22nd, I was honored and blessed to be the godmother for one of my high school students, Alisson's, Quinceañera. It was an amazing testament to the grace, mercy, and provision of God! Neither I nor the parents of Alisson had the funds to pay for an extravagant celebration, but through the generosity of God working in the hearts of people, everything was provided for, donated, etc. And Alisson got to be the queen of the ball!

Alisson was the belle of the party, but she was accompanied by her escort, Erick, another of my high School students, and a "court" of 5 couples made up of her friends and fellow classmates. It was quite the affair, but such a blessing to be a part of! Although I interpreted the entire event, so was quite exhausted when it finished...

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