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  • Amanda McKinney

Missionary House Update

We broke ground on the Missionary House on April 1! We are almost 1/2 through the 4 month projected build, and soo much has been accomplished! Underground foundation/base is done, columns are up, most of the walls are up, windows are marked and doorways are noted! The roof is being prepped now and the brick for the roof just arrived today! By the end of next week, the roof should be all set and the cement poured! We will then have to wait 15-20 days for it to dry and cure, but then the whole structure will be there!

Thank You all soo much for your prayers and financial support to make this Missionary House possible! It is soo exciting to see it actually happening! Please keep praying that the rest of the construction goes well without any issues!

Also please keep in prayer the finances for the Missionary House. We are still short a few thousand dollars to completely finish the project. We know God will provide that last bit as we need it, but please be praying that those funds come in!

To donate towards the Missionary House, click HERE

Thank You all soo much for joining in what the Lord is doing here in Pucallpa, Peru!

Here is a slide show to see where we are at now:

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