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  • Amanda McKinney

2019 School Year!

School is officially in session! We’ve started off well with minimal issues! With the 2 new principals in place, it seems to be going well thus far! Now in our third week, we’ve gotten into a bit more of a routine as a school. But my personal routine in the mornings is still in flux. 😊

I started out the school year without a functioning classroom. But it was for a good reason! The previous week we had a surprise announcement that my and the blind kids’ classroom was going to be renovated and amplified! But it took that entire week up until late Saturday night to get 3 walls torn down door and window openings closed up, and new walls put up. I then had a larger classroom, but it was still a mess with construction debris, small holes in the wall, and missing paint, etc. So the first week of school we spent cleaning up after the construction, patching holes, repairing desks and chairs, and painting.

By the second week we were still finishing up some last repairs, etc., but we were able to start working with our deaf kids! And I continue decorating and trying to get my classroom looking a little more welcoming. This year we have 8 deaf students in the morning ranging from age 4 – 13 years of age!

Aside from all the craziness, High School started as well and our deaf High Schoolers were super patient as they met in our not-yet-finished classroom. But they adapted well! We have 4 new deaf high schoolers which completes a total of 6 students in our classroom ranging in age from 13 – 20! They are a good group of students and we hope that they are able to advance well!

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