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  • Amanda McKinney

Help Us Lord

When love is lost

What can remain?

When pain is sharp

And hurt severe?

My Loving Lord!

Draw us near!

To Your cross

Forgiveness clear!

Offense is strong

All sides on guard

Lord, break this bond!

Your victory, won!

Satan celebrates

While discord reigns

Demons laugh

As pain enslaves!

We are Yours Lord!

Break us free!

Humble us!

Let us see!

Your truth is hard,

But always best!

Forgiveness humbles,

But gives us rest.

In chaos Lord,

Take the reigns!

Our sin so clear,

Our life in chains.

Slaves to hurt,

Offense and pride!

Break us, mold us,

Change the tide!

Satan! Rebuked!

Get thee behind me!

Jesus! Grand King!

All glory be to Thee!

Hearts changed!

Humility, flow!

Break us from

This sinful mold!

#Growth #missions #poetry #Peru #provision #peru

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