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Mountain Adventures

From May 29 - June 5 I had the honor and pleasure to go to Cusco, Peru and help translate for a short-term missions team from Sanctuary Church in Atlanta, GA! It was a pleasure and joy to join with the team as they served a local church and witnessed to the surrounding community.

I had never interpreted full time for a team like that, but it was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I most definitely messed up and was not at all the perfect translator, but with the gracious forgiveness and kindness of the team and God's help, we all made it through the week glorifying and praising God for what He did!

Aside from the interpreting and ministering with the team, I had some personal revelations/experiences as well. First of all - the mountains in Peru are COLD!!! My co-interpreter Jenny pictured above with me found great humor in the fact that I had on 5 LAYERS of clothing for this particular night-outing. As I tell everyone who is thinking of visiting Peru - Peru is a country of layers.

I also realized just how high the mountains are by my difficulty catching my breath after merely climbing the one flight of stairs to our hotel room...seriously, I don't know how the mountain people do it. And its dry....sooo very dry there....

On our translators' day off, I also had the amazing privilege to visit and get to know a school in Cusco for Deaf kids! It was soo amazing!! Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the kids, but they were amazing! The principle warmly welcomed me and I randomly got the opportunity to teach one of their older kids' classes for over an hour while they had a teachers meeting. I am already friends with some of the teachers on Facebook and we look forward to staying in contact and networking in the future!

What a neat and blessed time it was in the mountains! Now that I'm back in my warm, lower, amazingly humid jungle, I am grateful for the time I was able to serve in Cusco, but very glad I live in Pucallpa!

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