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  • Amanda McKinney

Christmas in the USA....

I arrived back to the U.S. on Sunday, December 17th, and since then it has been a crazy, awesome, readjusting, stress-full, family coming, wonderful, whirlwind of activity preparing for Christmas, celebrating Christmas, and now settling down a bit after Christmas.

It is strange and weird to be in the U.S. again going through the motions of familiar activities and traditions, but unable to completely disconnect from the knowledge that this is for merely a time because my new normal is in Pucallpa, Peru. It is a great time to enjoy family, finally meet my 4 new nieces and nephews that were all born last year, and get some stuff done. But in the midst of the readjusting, random triggers that cause me to get emotional, and the excessive amount I am sleeping, I seek a grounding that can get me through the next 2 months of very different and more adjusting/learning. And what a blessing to have Christmas as the amazing reminder for exactly where my grounding and strength comes from!

Emmanuel, God with Us, is my grounding. As the Christmas song states, "Emmanuel - Wonderful Counselor - Lord of Light, Lord of All - He is the Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Holy One! Emmanuel." God is with You and Me! He is our Wonderful Counselor! He is our Lord of Light, Lord of All! He is our Prince of Peace, MIGHTY GOD, HOLY ONE!!!! Can you imagine that?!?! He is all of that to US!!!

I hope that as we get back into a routine, we don't forget His awesomeness! And I am soo encouraged and blessed that He is such an AMAZING GOD and Father!!!

May God Bless You and display His amazing Character to you in a magnificient way!!

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