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  • Amanda McKinney

Match the Funds!!

Fundraising for Project CASA is in full swing! We have been blessed to have received about $4,000 thus far of the $37,000 goal. But this week another huge blessing presented itself!

An anonymous donor has offered to match every dollar donated up to an additional $4,000! It is an awesome opportunity to increase the amount raised an additional $8,000!

But this match-fundraiser is only active for one month – until Friday, December 15th!

I know God will provide in His time all the funding needed, and I am blessed that He has allowed this opportunity to hopefully raise additional funds before I even head back to the U.S. in Dec!

I would greatly appreciate all of your prayers for financial partners for this match-fundraiser. But most of all, I ask that you pray that the Lord be glorified with whatever funds are raised during this time!

If you would like to donate or know of others that would like to donate, you can click on the picture above! All donations are tax deductible and will be issued through my mission agency Shepherd’s Staff Missions Facilitators.

Praise the Lord for his mercy, grace, and generosity!

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