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Project Casa!!!

My sending church and I have an exciting venture to share with ya’ll!

Now in my second year of service to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community at Refugio, it is apparent that the small house I rent on the Refugio campus is unfortunately in a sad state of repair. Having spent money for numerous repairs and realizing that the termites, ants and wood rot are winning, I have consulted with a trusted carpenter and others about the wisdom of continuing repairs. The conclusion is that erecting a new, concrete and brick structure would be best to pursue. Pastor Victor and Ana, and my sending church, all agree with this.

Preliminary plans have been drawn and pricing has been sought. To create a missionary residence on campus for myself and for occasional ministry visitors to use, the cost will be approximately $37,000 USD.

Plans are to dismantle the present structure and use the existing area and hook-ups for a larger two-bedroom home with a screened hospitality area. The house will belong to Refugio, being on their property, but it will be designated as the “Missionary House.” I will have the right to live in it for the duration of my years at Refugio and it will be available for visitors or missionaries that come in the future.

Please consider joining us in raising the funds for this much needed improvement at Refugio de Esperanza. We need prayer partners, asking the Lord to meet this need. We would like to begin this project in April, 2018 to allow the completion of the house before rainy season hits. All funds will be tax-deductible and distributed on my behalf through Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators, my mission agency.

The donation page for me at my mission agency is:

Checks are made to: SSMFI with my account number (1419) in the memo line and sent to:

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators (SSMFI)

6739 Academy Rd NE. Suite 320

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Thank You so much for partnering with us and Refugio, as I continue to serves children and adults with disabilities in Pucallpa!

New Life Community Church Stafford, VA 22554

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