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A Lesson in Giving Up Control....

Last week was rather interesting for the Worship Team. We were asked to play for the Youth Group's "graduation" from their latest study as well as playing for Sunday service. That would mean we would need to prepare at least 10 songs. Seeing as there are only 5 of us currently on the team, I was slightly worried about making sure we would have everything down. Our Worship Team leader has been out of town since late June, so I have kind of felt responsible for the team since I'm the oldest one in the group, so I have been trying to keep us organized, etc.

I thought we were doing good planning the Saturday before which days we would practice - Monday night, Friday night, and Saturday morning. We all decided 3 days because we have Israel, the consistent drum-player, Dorcas, capable on the keyboard and the guitar, me on the violin, Samuel who is learning guitar, and Ursula who sings. To maximize our sound, we have been trying to practice a lot to give Samuel the opportunity to learn all the songs on the guitar so Dorcas can play the keyboard. If not its just Dorcas on the guitar, me on violin, and Israel on drums with both Samuel and Ursula singing.

Monday we met and spent most of the time deciding which songs would be best to play and working with Samuel on the guitar. But we still had Friday night and Sat morning to practice! Then Friday evening Dorcas informed me she would not be able to come to practice Friday night, Saturday morning, nor play for Youth Group Saturday night due to College exams. Very good reason indeed, but that left me wondering what on earth to do! God is awesome and gave me lots of grace and guidance to decide to change all the songs Saturday to songs that Samuel knows on the guitar with Ursula leading. And since we wouldn't be able to practice for Sunday, the songs for Sunday would only be songs that Dorcas knows well on the guitar and have both Samuel and Ursula lead(with Israel on drums and me on violin).

Then we woke up Sunday morning without power.......

Thankfully Refugio has a generator they pull out for situations such as these! And we ended up being able to pull off a few other songs that Samuel knew on the guitar so Dorcas could play the keyboard, and then one that Samuel actually knew on the keyboard with Dorcas playing guitar! It worked out wonderfully and just left me in a state of awe for how God works everything out...and realizing that I really need to learn to play the keyboard to be able to help out in moments such as these......

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