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Electric Roofs

Sometimes we just never know exactly why God works the way He does, but we just need to trust that He has a plan and go with it...

So a little bit ago, had a scare when I saw smoke coming from my roof while teaching one afternoon. I quickly ran to my house, opened it cautiously to see if it was filled with smoke, but also to get my cat out. It was not filled with smoke, but I could then see that the smoke was coming from a wire that was on my roof and went all the way to the elementary school. I quickly called the electrician who happened to be on campus at the time and he hurriedly cut the wire and claimed to have found the source of the live current. But that didn't end the drama..

That same day when I went to take a shower, the water nozzle was live when I turned off the shower. Then the following day, while I was at Bible study, some of the kids smelled something burning and discovered a fried frog in my back yard that had touched, and was still attached, to part of the electrical wire that apparently had yet to be pulled off my roof. Once it was pulled off though, it was discovered that the wire wasn't actually connected to anything, so the mystery remained for how it could have been live.

That mystery was finally solved yesterday....

As I was preparing to leave my house, I discovered that I couldn't find the key to the classroom the high school deaf kids use in the afternoon. I had to leave for chapel, but afterwards I searched everywhere I could think of and couldn't find the key. Of course we thought that perhaps I had left it in the classroom and we were then locked out.....

There is one other way to get into the classroom though, and that is through my backyard, and then climb up the alley(ish) space between my house and that classroom to then climb through the window. I then proceeded to do exactly that to find out the key was not in the classroom. Because it is locked with a padlock on the outside, the only way to leave the classroom was to climb back out the window, and while doing so, I happened to touch my roof.....


It is a metal roof, so I touched it again to make sure I wasn't imagining things, and it is indeed live with an electrical current. This of course explains all the craziness that has happened thus far, but also increases my concern of my house catching on fire....especially because my house is old and is full of dried out, termite and ant-eaten wood. But at least we now know why there was a fire on my roof...

So having to search frantically fr a key which I have yet to find, and having to buy new locks to put on the door and replace the one we had to break to get into the classroom all had an overall purpose and blessing involved - I discovered I have an electrically charged roof!

Oh, the continuous adventures and things that keep me on my toes here.....

#missions #Peru #provision

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