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New Teaching Adventures!

In addition to the elementary school that meets in the mornings, Refugio has a high school that meets in the afternoons and a night program for adults that never finished high school but would like to earn their degree.

Last year I had a deaf high schooler that came in the morning and spent the whole day in my classroom because there wasn’t a program for deaf students in the high school in the afternoon. This year, there are 5 deaf students and the parents of 3 of them wanted their children to come in the mornings to stay in my classroom to keep learning because there wasn’t anyone who knew sign language in the high school who could teach them. So Pastor Victor asked me if I would consider teaching in the afternoons too.

Also, a 20 year old guy who is deaf and a previous student of Refugio’s elementary school started coming to the night program to hopefully get his degree and asked me if I could help him at night too.

So, knowing that it is a death wish to say yes to all of the above, I prayed about it and talked with Pastor Victor about logistics, and received peace about teaching in the high school, but not for the full time. The elementary school goes from 7:30 – 12:45 and the high school from 12:30 – 6. Obviously teaching 10.5 hours straight is insane, so Pastor Victor actually decided that it would be best if I only teach from 2-5 in the afternoons. That way I have a good hour to rest a bit from the morning and eat lunch. I also decided that I won’t teach on Thursdays because I have Bible study those afternoons, so I’m only teaching 4 days a week in the high school M/T/W/F. Also, the guy who was coming at night is now coming in the afternoons and joins my class. So I have 6 students thus far in the afternoon and they are a great group of students!

This of course has caused me to become much more organized with my time and meal planning. I now have a meal plan for the week, am clearing up more of my evenings, and am guarding my weekends as my personal time to catch up, grocery shop, cook, clean, etc. Thus far its working out well! But I would love ya’ll’s prayers as I continue to get used to this new schedule.

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