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1 Year Anniversary!!!

Yesterday, Feb 10, marks my one-year anniversary here in Peru! I can’t believe an entire year has passed already….

Soo much has happened in the past year…I wouldn’t even know where to start summarizing. God has been faithful in accomplishing soo much and blessing me:

  • Getting me here safely

  • Getting the container full of personal things and donations through customs and here to Refugio

  • Getting me my residence card

  • Getting me through my first school year here

  • Helping me improve my language skills tremendously

  • Helping me improve tremendously in Peruvian Sign Language

  • Helping me learn how to plan for and facilitate a short-term team here

  • Helping me navigate a whole new country, city and transportation system

  • Allowing me to integrate well with the community here at Refugio

  • Allowing me to integrate well and relationally with the missionary community here

  • Helping me rely on Him through being so far away from A LOT happening in the U.S. with my family

  • 4 new Nieces and Nephews

  • Missing my sister’s wedding

  • Family dog having to be put down

  • 2 Grandparents passing away

  • Being away for holidays

  • Missing everyone

  • Teaching me every day how to rely on Him more as my sole companion, sufficiency, best friend, and comfort.

  • Providing me a cat to help with the rats and animal companionship (I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady)

  • Helping me discern what I should and shouldn’t do here ministry-wise

  • Giving me lots of practice saying no confidently without guilt of letting people down

  • Providing ministry opportunities during summer vacation

  • Teaching a Sign Language Class

  • Children’s Church for Deaf Kids

How did that all happen in ONE YEAR???? I don’t know, but I know that without God help and ya’ll’s prayers lifting me and the ministry here at Refugio up, I don’t know how I would have done it. Never underestimate the prayers of the Saints…I praise and thank God for each person who has invested in this ministry.

As this year is progressing I am thinking about the next school year and going back to the States in December…. only 10 months before my first term here is over! Weird……. lets see what the next year brings!!!

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