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  • Amanda McKinney

Rainy Season - Jungle Style

So I am sitting here at my kitchen table, sweating, in 90 degree weather with sun ablazing! Oh, how uncharacteristic today is of just about the entire previous month of January!

How to explain rainy season in the Jungle….Hmmm, how about spurts of torrential torrents of hippos and rhinos intermingled with kind of constant down-pouring of cats and dogs, spread out among the rare sun-showing every 5th or 6th day….

Yep, that just about sums up the past month or so. And we are by no means done with rainy season I’ve been told, but apparently, the worst is behind us.

EE.UU = USA And what has this torrential deluge resulted in you may be thinking??? Well, I’ve included a few pictures to help give the right mindset. Also, here is a list of a few things:

- Cooler Temperatures (Thank You Lord!)

- Super cold showers cause the sun isn’t heating the water in the water tank :-(

- Flooding

- More Mosquitoes

- Mud…lots and lots of mud….

- Constant high humidity

- Because of the humidity – clothes take forever to dry

- More Mosquitoes

- Landslides in the mountains resulting in tons of road damage

- Because of road damage – trucks coming from Lima with produce, stock for grocery stores, etc. get seriously delayed

- Increased water-boot usage

- More Mosquitoes

- Occasional need for blankets at night

- High Winds

We’ve been blessed with our 4th day in a row of sunny weather today… which has spurred the largest amount of laundry hanging out to dry that I have seen since I moved here.

But it has been nice to not be sloshing around everywhere…the forecast says rain again tomorrow, but this has been a nice respite in the midst of the constant WET…although I've realized I don't actually mind it as much as long as I stay indoors and try to prevent the armies of mosquitoes outside from coming inside..... :-)

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