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Rainy Day Adventures...

Raining Days sure provide for adventures and funny stories...School finished, I ate lunch, then headed out to go to the bank. It was lightly raining as I left, but by the time my mototaxi got to the shopping center, it had upgraded to a torrential downpour of cows and hippos(much more accurate than cats and dogs in my opinion). I made the extremely bad decision to try to run to cover in my dress & flip flops. I ended up in a very graceful and swift slide falling on the smooth concrete completely soaking my backside. Thank goodness for my Costco rain jacket purchase which prevented my upper body & purse from getting drenched. The security guards were rather concerned for my well being, but after assuring them it was merely a typical rainy afternoon adventure, I proceeded to the bank.

The bank of course had AC, so I then began to freeze in line as I unsuccessfully tried to cover my completely wet backside. I finally mouthed to the security guard that I fell outside cause he started to stare at me suspiciously. Once I got to the counter to withdraw my money, there was an issue with my name cause for some reason the U.S. decided to put a space between the Mc & Kinney of my last name. This is a recurring issue... while continuing to freeze and having to wait anyway for them to make sure I was indeed Amanda McKinney & Amanda Mc Kinney, I got to talking with the teller behind the desk. Turns out she is studying English in one of the Universities here, so we got to talking about her class. She had some of her homework on hand, so she brought it out and we had an impromptu tutoring session while we waited. By the time we worked through her homework and they got the ok that I am indeed who my passport says I am, I was the only person left in the bank besides the tellers.

I then left the bank and proceeded to walk over that slick, smoothed out concrete as if I was walking on ice...which is exactly what it felt like. The mototaxi ride back to Refugio was uneventful as it was no longer worth trying to stay dry. This actually became a benefit when the driver refused to enter Refugio because of the mud & I had to walk the last 50+ yards to my house.... :-)

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