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Individual Education Spanish...

Hello!!!! Sorry for the delay in posting a blog…its been rather busy here! I’m currently in the middle of trying to write an IEP (Individual Education Plan) in Spanish that needs to be done by the end of the school day Tuesday. Unfortunately, I can’t actually write the whole thing until the 48-page info-collection & evaluation of the student is completed. I was told Thursday that this needed to happen and I couldn’t work on it at all Thursday because I didn’t have the forms, neither during the school day Friday cause the SAANEE Team ( the group of teachers that work with students with disabilities) had a meeting the entire school day....and I had to interpret it for Carlos. Granted, the school day is only 5.25 hours long, but still, my mind was dead after we finished. Thankfully the Lord was extremely gracious and my arms/shoulders weren’t killing me afterwards....just my back. I am seriously missing my Chiropractor and Massage Therapist! Anyway, it is not normal that we are given such short notice to write IEPs….I don’t have to even start any of the other ones until the end of July. But the head of the SAANEE Team and the school Psychologist are leaving Wed for a conference about SAANEE and they need to bring with them completed IEPs/Evaluations. We’ll see if I actually get this thing done in time….

Last week also started our first week of working 6 days a week for 5 weeks. The beginning of school back in March was delayed a week due to the strike that also delayed me coming to Pucallpa. Well, to make up for the lost days, we are having school for 5 Saturdays in a row starting yesterday! Although yesterday didn’t really seem like a school day…..there was a special program for Mother’s Day, so there weren’t actually classes. And being my birthday, I also spent the day eating a special breakfast made by the SAANEE Team (see the pics on Facebook), being serenaded by everyone at the end of the mother’s day program, and eating 2 cakes!! It was awesome. :-)

But the next 2 months will be crazy and awesome! We are working 6 days a week for the next 4 more weeks, then the last of those Saturdays is June 4, the same day that the first of 4 groups from the U.S. coming in June arrives. Like I said – craziness, but awesome! No one is making major plans for the next 2 months....

Tuesday will be 3 months that I’ve been in Peru, and it’s amazing how much has happened and how much I’ve grown, learned, and adapted to. I’m soo thankful for everyone in the U.S. praying for me, for the patience of everyone here as my Spanish improves and communication is a little slower, and the Love of my U.S. church family and my Peruvian School/Church family. God has blessed me richly, and He has used all of you to do it! I pray that each of you is blessed as richly as ya’ll have so richly blessed me with your consistent prayers and support!!

LOVE YOU!!! And please pray I get this Evaluation and IEP done!!! :-)

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