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  • Amanda McKinney

To God be the Glory!!!

"You're a Good Good Father, and I'm loved by You....You are perfect in all of Your ways!"

As I'm writing this blog post, I have Pandora playing and the song "Good Good Father" by Zealand Worship is playing right now.....I can't help but just be awed by how amazingly true those words are!!!! God is sooo GOOD!!!

I have been in Lima for exactly a month and I just received the final confirmation this morning that the entire shipment is now officially cleared by customs!!! Off to Pucallpa we can now go! I have to wait till Monday to get the final confirmation for when the truck is going to start out on its trek over the Andes mountains to Pucallpa, and then I will soon follow.

I have been told that this has all happened in record time....I can only chuckle and respond that God's timing is perfect....I have known from the beginning that the container and all of its contents are God's not, mine and that He had a plan for all of it....whether that be in Pucallpa, or somewhere else. :-) Now I most definitely have struggled to actively live out that truth everyday, but God is soo faithful and has given me peace throughout all the crazy!

I have completely enjoyed my time here in Lima and enjoy soo much about this city, but my heart has been in Pucallpa since I left there in 2014, and I am soo looking forward to heading there this coming week!!!

Now our prayers can focus on getting the truck full of the items safely over the mountains and to Pucallpa! Mountain roads don't typically have guard rails....... but God does!!!

Love You all! Thank You soo much for praying me through this past month and the incessant waiting and craziness! :-)

#Peru #provision #missions

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