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  • Amanda McKinney

Loving Grace

You Heal the brokenhearted,

You calm our raging seas.

With humble grace You saved us,

How my heart does sing!

Great Love You have bestowed us,

Such beauty undeserved.

My love so insufficient,

Pride and selfishness grossly incurred.

Amidst my rags and filth,

You called me to Your Light!

I balked in my unworthiness,

No works could my wrongs, right.

But You, my wrongs, forgave!

And daily, my sins, still forgive!

Your love for me, unscathed,

In You, my Lord, I live!

Each day more acutely aware

Of the depravity from which I've been saved!

The death I rightly deserved,

You accepted in my stead.

Such love cannot be measured,

Yet so freely You do impart!

To acknowledge You Lord

And give You throne of my heart!

Lord, for such freedom, Thank You!

No more bondage to my sin!

My life no longer mine,

But to You eagerly given!

A better life, I cannot comprehend,

My heart worry-free!

Your hands hold my future,

What You wish is fine by me! :-)

Where You lead, I will follow

Where You direct, I will go.

Your strength my protection,

Your Loving Grace so abundantly shown!

#poetry #provision

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