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Fun Facts & Fyi's.....

So in the almost 3 weeks I have been here in Lima, I have been reminded of a few things, learned a few things, and just enjoyed many things.....I thought ya'll could enjoy some of these as well......


- Toilet Paper does NOT go in the toilet....that's why there is always a small trash can in the stall.

- The Scrunchie trend in the U.S. transferred to Peru...and never left.......

- I don't want to learn to drive in Lima.....ever.......

- Taxi's will try to charge me extra....just because I'm a "gringa"(white person)

- Everyone wonders why I'm not married with children.....


- I'm not supposed to pet the street dogs....... :-(

- Meals follow a very different schedule here....Breakfast any time in the morning till 9ish.....A Large Lunch at must snack sometime after this because.....dinner is around 8-9pm....

New Info:

- Apparently threatening to visit a company's office in person makes them get things done in record time..

- Although you were told yesterday the facts about something, does NOT mean those are the facts today...

- I have a new obsession with a Peruvian SWING MUSIC group called Le Miner Swing that I heard/saw in a street performance. Who knew they had Swing Music here???? Ya'll should totally check them out!

- A Sunset on the Beach Here is spectacular.....benefits of being on the West Coast....

- Peruvian Cronuts are NOT the same as Cronuts at Shoppers Food Warehouse in the U.S.....

- Apparently it is extremely easy to get a PET MONKEY in the Jungle....stay tuned on this one.....Sorry Robyn....... :-)

- Reese Cups & Kool Aid are non-existent here.... :-(

- When I tell people I've moved to Peru, they seem more patient with my broken Spanish......

- If you ever move to Peru, I would highly reccommend NOT sending a shipping container can buy pretty much EVERYTHING here.....

Fun Situations:

- My friend Carmen's young Cousins were told that I was drinking Coca Cola because I was trying to make myself turn brown to look like a Peruvian....this is now a continuing joke. :-)

- While hanging out with some other missionarys' projects, I was able to have a really fun time teaching some of the kids some sign language....

- I've had the opportunity to practice understanding and getting used to different English Accents through meeting other missionaries here in Lima - I've met 2 Scottish & 2 British Missionaries....Fun Times, but I was surprised how much I had to concentrate to understand their accents...

- Yesterday I was able to see Pastor Victor and Pastor Aldo from El Refugio! They were here in Lima for a conference over the weekend. Please pray they can get home to Pucallpa because they came by bus and apparently a land slide over the weekend had blocked the road and it was still blocked as of yesterday afternoon.

I know there are soo many other things I could add to this list, but I can't think of them right now.... :-P

Please continue to pray for the Shipping Container situation - this is what is delaying my transition to Pucallpa. I'm supposed to get the final detailed invoice today with the total costs for everything, and then I just need to pay it, and everything is supposed to be done after that....but remember the note above about facts yesterday not being the same today? So I'm waiting to see what happens.... :-)

I'll keep ya'll posted as I'm informed! Much Love!

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