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Hurry up and wait.....

One week down...Woop Woop! So what has this week entailed.....

From my last blog ya'll know that my first day here was busy. And my 2nd and 3rd day was a bit of waiting and catching up on stuff. So that leaves us on Sunday....

Sunday I went to an English Speaking church near Carmen's home. It was great! And afterwards we just stayed at home and I helped Carmen with some stuff. That evening though I was able to figure out how to Facetime with another missionary working with the Deaf in the Jungle and learned a lot about what she is doing. It was great!

Monday Carmen and I went to CONEP to see what they would say about me being able to get my residence visa and if they could help me do so. They were very nice and helpful and said I'm in good shape and shouldn't have a problem getting my visa. Since I was able to get a 6 month visa while going through customs at the airport, we have plenty of time to get everything done. It will still take 3-4 months to complete everything, but it will work out! The first thing to be done though to move the process along was for the Refuge of Hope church to officially join CONEP, then they can handle most of the stuff from there. Right after we left CONEP, we received a phone call from Pastor Victor that the Work Contract was complete and it was already emailed to both Carmen and I, so that was a big praise! I headed back to the house after that and Carmen headed to her office. CONEP emailed me the requirements for Refuge of Hope to become a member of CONEP, so I forwared that to Pastor Victor. Now I have to wait for them to get everythign in order and become an official member of CONEP before I can move forward with getting my now we wait.....I ended the day facetiming with my mom, so it was overall a great day!

Tuesday I tagged along with Carmen to all of her work errands. While out we received a phone call from the shipping company that things were thus far going well and they came by to pick up some more documents they needed, so that was encouraging. But we are still in a waiting phase to hear if the container cleared customs......

Wednesday was a full day of me tagging along with Carmen all day again as she did work stuff, then we ended the day having dinner with another group of missionariy women. 2 of them were Scottish, so i got to practice understanding a Scottish Accent. It was great! But we still didn't hear anything from the shipping company....

Today has begun with Carmen having such a crazy day all day today that it is best I not accompany her, so I thought I would head out on my own and pick up a few things. But my digestive tract has decided differently. I think the Indian Food from last night didn't fully agree with me. I'm not feeling ill, but I currently need to be in close proximity to the bathroom.... On the plus side, I was here this morning when the Shipping Company's currier arrived to return the documents I gave them Tuesday. We thought they could just drop them off, but nope, I needed to sign that I had received them back, so it was good I was here. Depending on how things go, I'll head out this afternoon instead. :-)

So it has been an eventful and full of waiting week. :-) Once we hear from the shipping company that the container has cleared customs, then I'll head to Pucallpa. But until then, I just wait.....and eat....and sleep....and catch up with things online....and follow Carmen everywhere to absorb more of her knowledge. I'm learning so much, but am also able to kind of take it slowly and get my bearings as I have tons of opportunity to practice and improve my Spanish. :-)

Please continue to pray for the container to clear customs, that Refuge of Hope can get everything in order and become a member of CONEP, and that my digestive tract stops revolting.... :-) Thank you soo much for your continued prayers and support! I'm so encouraged by the quick messages of encouragement, praise, and prayers!!! Love You!!!!

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