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Hit the Ground Running!!!!

So, I arrived to Peru Wed night safely! Although the adventures began in the airport......... I got off the plane and was able to get through customs in an abnormally short time. And, to add icing on top of the cake, they gave me a 6 month tourist visa, so I won't need to border hop in the event I don't have my residence visa in the the next 90 days(which is the more typical time that they are apparently supposed to be giving out). I got my luggage and went through the exit screening process no problem. I get out to the waiting area and my friend Carmen who I'm staying with wasn't there yet. So I'm just chilling at out meet-up spot, trying unsuccessfully to connect to the wifi on my Kindle so I can email Carmen, when suddenly all the security guards are yelling for all the masses of people to move back and outside.. I move back with the crowd, but am towards the front of the masses. I thought perhaps some dignitary was coming through, but nope, there was an abandoned suitcase and the bomb squad had to be called in. It didn't take long for them to discover that it wasn't a bomb, but it was quite the attraction watching them in action! As soon as they cleared the area, people surged back to their waiting places and Carmen comes walking up to me exclaiming that Lima just had to go all out for my arrival! We had a good laugh. We got home, stayed up talking till 2:30 am, then headed to bed.

I'm on day three in Lima and God is already doing awesome things! Official Day 1: After only 4 hours of sleep, stood in 2 lines for an hour to get the proper form to immigration and my passport stamped so I am now allowed to sign a work contract all the required documents Notarized allowing the Peruvian shipping company to deal with customs when my container arrives approximately Sunday.......paid the import fee for the cargo shipment....spoke with Pastor Victor at El Refugio de Esperanza and they are now working on getting the Work Contract done.........and have a working cell phone here!!! Day 2 & 3 thus far have included finally catching up on lost sleep, visiting the school I attended last time I was here, connecting with another missionary working with the Deaf in the jungle somewhat close to Pucallpa, getting my cell phone more functional, learning tons of stuff from Carmen as she continues to share her WEALTH of information about all things Peruvian and Missionary with me, eating most of my favorite Peruvian dishes, and answering any questions that Pastor Victor might message us about while trying to do the Work Contract. This evening I'm going out with Carmen to meet up with some of her missionary friends here in Lima so networking is in full swing! Mostly now we are just waiting to hear from Pastor Victor before we can move forward with the Visa & waiting for the shipping container to arrive before finding out what documents they decide we need for the container to clear customs. The forms that we got notarized on Thursday just give the shipping company permission to act on my behalf once the container arrives.

There is still so much to do and I still am not sure when I will be heading to Pucallpa(depends on the Visa situation and the Cargo Shipment), but I'm here and God is working! Keep Praying!!!!

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