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  • Amanda McKinney

Off I go into the wild GREEN yonder....

Its it real? Is this a dream?

I'm sitting in the airport in Panama waiting for my transfer flight and contemplating soo much! The heat wave that hit us as everyone exited the aircraft here made it very clear that I am indeed no longer in Northern Virginia! Craziness.....

Soo much has happened since my last blog...which is why I continually forgot to post a new blog between then and now. But I am seriously going to try being more consistent with that. :)

I can't even begin to describe everything going through my head right now, but one thing is very clear - I am soo blessed to have an army of individuals praying for me and joining me in this ministry in Peru. I sometimes feel like that is the only thing keeping me sane. The prayers of the saints are a strong and powerful weapon. Don't stop!!!

I am limited to 2 hours of wifi here in the airport, so I'm making this blog short, but please know that I love you all and appreciate greatly all of your love, prayers, & support. God Bless!!!!

#Peru #provision #missions #spanish

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