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  • Amanda McKinney

Who knew Moving was soo much work???

This is it......The truck has come, been filled, and is on its way to the port to be shipped to Peru!!!! Craziness...This is really happening! On this 20' container is ALL the wheelchairs, Crutches, Walkers, etc. as well as a bunch of donations in boxes and a foosball table for some enjoyment! Oh, yeah, and my personal stuff too...and thus far, we've only discovered one thing that was forgotten - my metal bed frame...its still sitting in my parent's garage. If that's all that I forgot though, I think that's pretty good!

I cannot even begin to thank all the people who were involved and helped with all the logistics to get this container on its way. Everyone who donated items and equipment....Those(you know who you are) who, with their trucks and trailers, picked up, loaded, and brought all the equipment to church & unloaded it...........everyone who helped pack all the boxes and organize the medical equipment.....Those who recruited and organized guys to load the container yesterday.............The friend who volunteered their truck to pick up mattress boxes for me and haul some of my stuff to mom who made lunch for everyone that helped load the container yesterday.....the ladies who helped her serve us............and the 11 guys who showed up and FROZE in 20 degree weather to load all the donations and my personal stuff into the container. YOU ALL ARE AMAZING AND ROCK!!! God has blessed me immensely through so many others!

It seems surreal that this is actually happening, but its amazing!!! But now its time to pray!!! Pray that everything goes smoothly getting the necessary documents in order for the container to clear customs once it arrives in Peru! Be praying!!!! We trust that God is in control and He has a plan for all of the items on the container...whether it be at The Refuge of Hope or somewhere else, His will will be done. But we can pray that He work miraculously to allow things to get accomplished!

I don't know what I would do without my army of prayer warriors out there! Ya'll are the backbone of this ministry!!! Keep me standing up!!!! Love Ya'll!!!!! God Bless!!!!!

Our team of dedicated guys who froze while packing the container. Thanks!!!!

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