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I will fear no evil, for Thou are with me..

Soo, last week was pretty interesting to say the least. Quite the rollercoaster of everything. The weekend finished with awesomeness and praise as I announced that I am fully funded and my flight to Peru is reserved for Feb 10! My excitement couldn't be contained! The week began normally, and then Wednesday happened.

I had emailed my friends in Lima that I stay with when I'm there to confirm details about my arrival on Feb 10, etc. My one friend, Carmen, responded back on Wednesday. She had some very helpful information in her email, but also informed me that as of Dec 1, Peru had changed/updated ALL of their Visa laws. I also discovered that I had not been fully informed thus far about some of the requirements for getting a residence visa in Peru. This of course was most disconcerting, especially since I am already scheduled to leave now. Then Satan decided to swoop in. :-P

Literally as soon as I found out about the change in Visa laws and the misinformation I had received, Satan decided to attack. From Wed through today, I actively struggled in Spiritual battle. I was being Spiritually oppressed and attacked, and I recognized it quickly because it was the same oppression Satan tormented me with when I was in Peru in 2013. It is awful! Just overwhelmingly terrible and oppressive! I feel like I have to fight constantly to keep my sanity and not slump into a devastating depression. And the mental struggle to trust God that He knew this was going to happen and has a plan was torture. I had to focus on Christ constantly. It did not make for a very pleasant rest of the week.

Saturday was not as bad and Sunday was better. Today though has been freeing. And a large part of it had to do with the last minute email I got from Carmen asking if we can skype so we can discuss my whole Visa situation. What blessings God gives us in friends and family in Christ! We ended up skyping this afternoon and she explained soo much that I didn't understand and helped calm my anxiety and paranoia greatly! We have a plan and God is big! She is amazingly kind and is working on the Peru side to get things figured out and I have to just wait until I hear back from her to find out what I need to do on my end before I leave on Feb 10.

Everything isn't solved and figured out, but there is already a happy ending because this is God's mission, not ours, and his results are always the best ending to the story. Often times they turn out to be just the beginning of an amazing testimony displaying His power and work. I finally have peace and am relieved of the Spiritual oppression, and God continues to be glorified! I can't wait to see what He is going to do about the paperwork needed for the Visa and getting the 20' container throuh Peruvian Customs!

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