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  • Amanda McKinney

God's Showing Off Again!!

So back in August someone mentioned to me about a place in Fredericksburg, VA called Equipment Connection as a possible place to get wheelchairs, etc. to ship to Peru. Equipment Connection is a non-profit that individuals can donate used/new medical equipment to and then they clean them up, repair them, and then distribute them to people in need who aren't otherwise able to aquire the equipment. It sounded promising.

I recently called Equipment Connection and spoke with the owner about me moving to Peru, sending a shipment, and that I was collecting medical equipment to ship over. We set up a time to meet and so I went there and met with the owner Friday, October 16. After speaking for a bit and being shown around the facility, the owner, Mr. Hamlett, said that I could take 1/2 of his inventory of chirldren's wheelchairs, walkers, etc., a bunch of adult wheelchairs, and as many crutches as I could fit in the shipping container! I was ecstatic and went home overwhelmed by God's provision and blessing! I spoke with individuals at my church and we planned a group to go to Equipment Connection on November 7 to pick up all the equipment and bring it back to church and store it in our shed until we load the shipping container in January. :-)

You are probably jumping up and down inside with excitement at this absolutely wonderful news that I just described! But my story doesn't end there.....

This past Thursday, Oct 22, I received a call in the morning from Mr. Hamlett at Equipment Connection with some AMAZING news!! He had called Stafford County Schools and convinced them to clear out their unused, stored Special Ed equipment and they had just dropped it all off at Equipment Connection on Wednesday, Oct 21. There was so much equipment that it was sitting in the parking lot, and Mr. Hamlett said that, assuming I wanted the equipment, could I possibly get a small group together to come Sat to pick up at least the items sitting in the parking lot so they aren't exposed to rain, etc.? I replied enthusiastically that yes, I would get someone to go over there Sat morning to help pick up whatever equipment we could carry! Thanks to 2 awesome guys at my church, their trucks, and one trailer, we were able to pick up a TON of stuff and bring it back to our shed at church! Just look at the picture attached to this blog!!! Thats after we got everything stacked into the shed! We had to pile things upwards to get it all to fit! And we still have the trip on November 7 scheduled to get the items we had originally discussed from Equipment Collection's original inventory!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!

We definitely have room for more donations and welcome all of them, but this is such an amazing start!!!! Praise be to God!!!!!

Seriously People!!! When God's People Pray, He Works In Miraculous Ways!!!!!!!

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