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Catching Up

Hello all!!!!

So I have some catching up to do! I haven't posted a new blog in a while because I'm a procrastinator..... then my laptop actually stopped working on me 2 Fridays ago and my kindle doesn't have the capabilities to allow me to edit my webpage/blog....then an amazing friend spent a whole week and hours of their life working on it and got it to work again! I just got it back Sunday and had to catch up on work stuff.......not to say ya'll aren't important, but getting paid is kind of a priority... :)

Some General Updates:

- The Lord continues to provide me with work and my student loans should be paid off by the middle of this month! Seperate Blog confirming that forthcoming....

- We have sent out letters to area churches asking them to pray and consider financially partnering with us to send me to Peru! Please keep this in your prayers that the Lord will speak to and lead those churches that He wants to partner with us!

- We just had a yard sale fundraiser this past Sat, 8/1, to help towards my financial goals and we made $517!!! HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that helped with that and Praise the Lord for that awesome success!

- All members of the Stephen Team(my support team at my church) have been confirmed and we are trying to organize our first full-team meeting!

The Refuge of Hope Updates:

- In June & July, a few different groups went and served at The Refuge of Hope and came back with some awesome reports!

- They have started a raised garden to try and grow some of their own vegetables to eat!

- They have started a trial High School! As a primary school, the older kids with disabilities would be unable to attend, but this will allow them to continue receiving the education they deserve!

I think that is all for now. There are some more specific updates coming soon as their own blog posts, so stay posted! Love you all and thank you for your continued, faithful prayers and support!

#peru #missions #provision

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