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Meeting Goals!!!

Good Monday to you all!!!! This is the day that the Lord has made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!!! Woohoo!!!(Sorry, I just finished my morning coffee..... :-)

Sooo, you know that timeline tab/link on my website right here that happens to be just to the left of the tab for these blogs? I just updated it and deleted May, but one of the things listed in May as a goal to reach was having my Stephen Team at my church fully staffed and running by the end of May. We had a slight delay with that, but I can officially proclaim that as of this past Friday, all roles are filled and we are ready to begin moving forward with fusing as a team and defining everyone's roles based on my needs!

Side Note - for those of you out there that have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about in regards to a Stephen Team, its a team of individuals at your home/sending church that accept the responsibility of officially partnering with the missionary being sent. They are the missionaries liason and POC for Finances, Logistics, Communications, & Prayer while they are preparing for the field, while on the field, and during furlough times back in the States. A Mission Board will often times provide those services, but since I am being sent directly from my church, my church body is taking on that responsibility.

Now moving on to even more awesomeness....

I received the report last Friday for the funds that were donated in May and $1,149 was donated! How awesome is that?!?! That now brings me to:

- $330/monthly support (16.5% of $2,000/month goal)

- $3,419 towards one time start up amount (22.7% of $15,000 goal)

Although we have a short timeline established for fund-raising, I know that God will continue to provide as He has already been doing the past 2 months! I continue to pray that God will speak to the hearts of those He desires to partner with me and I would ask that you pray and consider if He would have you join me in this awesome endeavor! You don't have to commit to a large amount of $100 or more a month, but even $25 a month goes a long way to helping meet my financial needs so I can get to Peru!

Thank You sooo much for your continued prayers and support! Fund-raising is my big focus right now, so please keep praying that the finances come in! Love You Guys!!! God Bless!!!!

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