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My Cup Overfloweth!!

Summer is definitely here. Sunny days, heat, humidity, and perspiration are the common factors of every day. Except for yesterday and today that is....apparently Spring decided to have a short come-back and show itself with 65-70 degree weather, rain, and wind. It is oddly reminding me of the dreary "winters" in Lima......

Sooooo, with this onset of (mostly) sunny days, heat, humidity, & perspiration, comes the typically slower schedule for interpreters. As most of you now know, I am trying to pay off the rest of my student loans by the end of summer. So with the knowledge that summers are typically slower for ALL interpreters, everyone at church, ya'll, and I have all been praying since April that the Lord would provide sufficient work over the summer so I could not only make ends meet, but have extra to put towards paying off my loans. I will now give you a moment to guess why I titled this blog "My Cup Overfloweth!!".......

Yep! You guessed right!!! Not only did God allow me to be confirmed to interpret a summer college class that is 16 hours of guaranteed work a week for 10 weeks of the summer, He has also provided all kinds of shorter jobs to fill in time around those 16 hours! I try to get a minimum of 20 hours a week. Now I know most of you are thinking that 20 hours a week is nothing, but the way freelance interpreting works is that you typically get a whole bunch of short, 2 hour jobs at really random times throughout the day. The travel alone between those jobs takes up half your time. This is why it appears that we get paid so much more, because we don't get paid for that travel time and it is physically exhausting to try and actually get 40+ hours of actual interpreting work with all those random, short, jobs unless you are staff somewhere. Consecutive chunks of time of work is also not the norm, but does happen sometimes for all day trainings, subbing for a staff interpreter at a K-12 school, condensed summer college classes, etc.

My "summer" started when Colleges in Northern Virginia finished for the summer around May 8. God has provided me those minimum 20 hours plus for the 3 weeks since then except last week! Prime example is this current week! I am working 30.5 hours this week which kind of makes up for last week being 2.25 hours short. And all but one week of the next 7 weeks I'm already scheduled for at least 20 hours! I know God will provide for the following weeks after that until the end of summer as well! God is soo good and I'm floored by His generosity!!

Thank You ALL for your prayers and support! Keep praying that those couple weeks where I don't have the minimum 20 hours gets filled and that my financial support comes in! All for His glory and Praise!!!

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