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  • Amanda McKinney

Partners are mobilizing!!!

I am super excited!!!!! Prayer and Financial Partners are mobilizing!

Around the 5th of each month, I get a report from the sending agency we have partnered with, Shepherd's Staff Mission Facilitators, showing what donations had been received for the previous month. I recently received the report for April and financial partners have started donating generously towards both the monthly $2,000 support I need and the $15,000 one-time start up amount! The amounts that I know for sure are designated for either monthly or a one time gift are the following:

Need - $2,000/ monthly support-------Receiving $250/month(12.5%)!!!

Need - $15,000 One time start up cost--------Received $2,385(15.9%)!!!!

This is sooo exciting! We have started to get the financial ball rolling to get me to Peru! And I can't even begin to express the awesome encouragement I receive from the many, many prayer partners out there! It is ya'll's prayers and support that are moving this journey along!

If you aren't already, would you consider partnering with me as I go to Peru? This is not a one-person ministry, but a ministry opportunity for the entire body of Christ to be a part of bringing the Hope of the Gospel to the Deaf community in Peru – a people group who often do not even have language to communicate yet! It is exciting to see more and more brothers and sisters in Christ getting excited about this ministry opportunity and partnering with me in prayer and financial support.

First, I would greatly covet your prayers for safety, smooth cultural integration, hearts to be open to the Gospel, to avoid burn out, time management, as well as the unforeseen challenges that will come up! It is your prayers and encouragement that are not only sending me, but will sustain me once I’m in Peru.

Secondly, would you consider partnering with me financially? My anticipated departure date is early February 2016. My goal is to raise the $2,000/month for monthly support by September 1, 2015 and the $15,000 one-time start-up costs by November 1, 2015. The one time start-up costs will cover my plane ticket to Peru, a cargo shipment of personal items, and the cost of purchasing home furnishings once I arrive. Unfortunately though, I cannot access and use the start-up funds until my monthly goal is consistently met, therefore, it needs to start accruing as soon as possible. As the monthly support comes in now, it will also accrue to help meet the one-time start-up costs. A monthly support commitment or a one-time gift would be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to partner with me financially, it is very easy! You can donate online at and search by my name. Or, you can write a check payable to “Shepherd’s Staff” with my account number “4519” in the memo line and mail it to:

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators 6739 Academy Road NE, Suite 320 Albuquerque, NM 87109

I would love to chat more in depth with you and answer any questions you may have. You can email me at and we can set up a time to chat. Thank You so much for all of ya'll's partnership, support, prayers and encouragement! I look forward to continuing to share with you everything the Lord does throughout this journey!

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