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Conferences and Prayer Cards!!

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Happy Spring!!! Oh, there is sooo much going on and in the midst of it I'm loving this transition to Spring!!!! I'm tired of being cold...... :-P

This past weekend was awesome!!! I joined the Board of directors of Refuge of Hope(ROH) the non-profit here in the U.S. and some other awesome supporters of ROH in Georgia for a conference on Saturday. After driving 9 hours(Yep, I drove that ridiculous amount of miles instead of flying...), I arrived in beautiful Roswell, GA on Friday afternoon. After checking into my hotel, I took a very relaxing nap...I have become such a huge fan of naps! But I digress.......

Saturday morning bright and early, I headed over to the church to finally meet in person the awesome people I have been conversing with only via email and skype since July 2013. We then spent the entire day reviewing and discussing sooo many organizational and structural aspects of ROH, goals for the future, and sooo many other important things! I learned soo much and look forward to continue to being involved with this awesome non-profit! Then, on Sunday morning, the director of ROH and I sat down and discussed more in detail my role with ROH the non-profit, Refugio de Esperanza(RDE) in Peru, and my home/sending church. It was a really awesome, productive time! Then I drove 9 hours back to VA......I won't elaborate on that long trek.... :)

Annnnnnd, as ya'll can see from the photo attached to this post, I was finally able to get professional Prayer cards/magnets ordered!!! I'm sooo excited! The picture you see is the final draft of the magnet design. But I'm sooo excited! With each step of this journey slowly coming together, I just get more and more excited to see what God is going to do next! If any of ya'll want a prayer card/cards, please let me know and as soon as they arrive, I will get them sent out to you!

Thank Ya'll soo much for your continued prayer and support! I know sooo many of you are praying for me and have now begun financially supporting me as well as I begin to get monthly pledges. It always awes me how God, working through His people, is soo detail-oriented and makes soo many things happen. He uses each of us to fulfill His will and work so that He may be glorified in all things! How awesome is that?!?!

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