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I'm moving to the Jungle, I'm moving to the Jungle.....

As we are experiencing such frigid temperatures in the DC metro area, I am only motivated to continue tolerating this crazy cold weather with the knowledge that I will eventually be moving to a humid, balmy, tropical paradise in the jungle! Oh, I can't wait!!!(Don't bust my bubble yet.....I know once I'm there for a while the humidity will eventually get to me, but I'm living in naive bliss at the promise of warmer weather right now...)

Soooo, I have exciting news!!!! I'm officially on deputation! This means, among many other things, that I am able to begin fund-raising! You will notice that I now have a new page added to my blog titled "Support" with all the information for supporting me. The current financial needs listed are an estimation as we are still finalizing some numbers that just take time to figure out, but they are a pretty close estimation. I am equally excited and terrified at this new phase in this amazing journey to Peru. I am excited to see how God provides for my financial needs, but I also now have to be prepared to present to individuals and churches what God is doing in my life and what the ministry will look like that I will be embarking on in Pucallpa. Luckily I had the opportunity to practice at my church with a Peru themed night to inform/update everyone there. It was nerve-wracking, but awesome! So now I just need to tweak it a bit to meet the time requirements for whatever presentations I'm given the opportunity to give.

In addition to all of this, I'm continuing to acquire Biblical materials and tools I can use while I'm in the field. I'm also trying to work a whole lot right now to pay off my debt. My schedule is quickly becoming even crazier than before, but such is the byproduct of this awesome journey the Lord has layed out for me!

I am soo blessed to have all of you partnering with me in this journey! Please continue to pray for me! There are so many things coming up soon that I will need prayer for:

- Budgetary Readiness

- Stamina and success with support raising until I leave in early 2016

- Maintaining language skills

- Guidance/Discernment for the Board of Directors of Refuge of Hope, Major supporters of ROH, and myself as we prepare to meet in Atlanta, GA the weekend of March 20-22.


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