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Step by Step......

Wow, I can't believe I've been back for almost 2 time flies!

So God is awesome as we all know. First off, thank you for your prayers concerning my presentation at my church. I have been told it went very well. I was concerned that I would speak too fast, but I was assured afterwards that I didn't. :) Also, God has provided an amazing amount of set, guaranteed work for me starting in mid Aug - mid Dec! I had a goal to try and get enough work to make at least $1,000 a week, and He has provided more than that with this guaranteed work! And I still have free time in the week to accept other work if it comes up! God is soo good!

Since my retrun, the Outreach Committee, the Elders, and I have all started dealing with the nitty-gritty details to get things rolling to help me transition to Peru. I am very excited as we slowly progress towards the goal of me being able to return to beautiful Pucallpa! We have narrowed down the list of Sending Agencies and I applied to the final pick last week! Now I'm just waiting to hear back from them to continue the next step in the application process. :)

I have found myself in an interesting state of mind since I've returned. I find myself often dwelling on my time at Refuge of Hope and my Peruvian Brothers and Sisters in Christ there. I miss them soo much and sometimes just ache to be back with them. I know that is where God wants me and I would love to hop on a plane and be heading back to my second home right now. But at the same time I am accutely aware that my time here with my family right now is very precious. I have always lived with, or very close to, my family. When I transition to Peru, I will be very excited and willing to go, but I will miss my family very much since I will not be with them again for a while after I move. I don't know yet how often I will return to the states to see and visit everyone. Henceforth, I feel like every moment counts and I want to relish every minute I have, especially with my nieces and nephews. Its a new and interesting mental position to be in...

I know that many of you have continued to pray for me and have committed to continuing to lift me up in prayer. Thank You soo much for allowing yourselves to be used by God in actively interacting in His ministry in this way. I could not be sent to Peru without your prayers - they are the backbone and foundation for whatever God is planning to do with me in Peru. I ask that you please continue praying for me, for the elders of my church, and for the outreach committee of my church as we continue to seek out God's will and figure out the details for me to transition to Peru. Specifically:

- Guidance as we continue to seek out God's will going forward logistically

- Peace of mind as I mentally and physically prepare for moving across the equator

- Wisdom and guidance as I manage my finances to try and pay down my personal debt as much as possible before I leave.

Pastor Victor and most of His family(from left) - Raul(son), Liz(Raul's fiance), Ana(wife), Pastor Victor, Belen(daughter), Cristian(Belen's boyfriend). Their 2 other sons Isreal and Joshua live in Lima right now.


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