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Back to the Daily Grind.....For Now

So I've been back in the lovely U.S.A. for about a week now and and I feel like I've returned to a previous life....everything is pretty much exactly the same as when I left, but I feel that so much has changed for me......

God, as always, has been amazing with helping me transition back to my U.S. life. The day I left Peru, I received confirmed Interpreting work for a month long class-4 days a week-starting this past Monday. It is not full-time work, but such a blessing to get that right after I get back so that I'm not struggling right away! Although the transition back to using only ASL and interpreting in English, not Spanish, has been a little :)

Aside from having to get back into the swing of work, etc., everything else is awesome. :) I have loved seeing my family and friends, especially my adorable nephews so far. And I'm excited for the future! Yes, I am ready to return to Pucallpa this minute, but as we all know, God's timing is perfect and I will move there when He wants me to. But I have already started planning!

There are a lot of things that need to happen before I can logistically transition to full-time service in Pucallpa. I'm working closely with my church and am under the leadership of the elders at my church as we pray and consider which sending agency to connect with, logistics, financial planning, etc. There is so much to consider, but I know God already has all the details worked out, we just need to wait for His timing and direction to move forward. As we get details figured out and God continues to reveal His will, I'll keep all of you updated as well!

One thing I would really like to emphasize is THANK YOU soo much for your continued prayers. I was very much aware that there were so many friends and family here in the U.S. praying for me and it was/continues to be very encouraging. Without all of you faithfully lifting me up in prayer, I would falter and fall a whole lot more than I do. Thank You.

Here are a few things that we are now focused on Praying for as we go forward and I would truly appreciate your partnership in continuing to pray:

- Guidance and Conciseness as I put together a presentation about my trip and what we're doing going forward which i will present at my church during the morning service on Dunday, July 27)

- Wisdom for which sending agency to partner with

- Financial Wisdom as I continue to get my finances in order and as I figure out what my financial needs are going to be to move to Peru and what my living expenses will be.

Thank You so much and God Bless!!!!

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