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Reflections and Logistics!

First and foremost, THANK YOU for praying for that stomach thing I had going on. It is completely gone and I'm back to enjoying all varieties of food! :)

Since we all returned from Contamana Tuesday, there ended up being no school this week because all the teachers had to go to all day classes Thursday and Friday to learn about "Health in Schools." I was volunteered to accompany them to interpret for Carlos....poor Carlos.....I didn't understand everything and trying to interpret as best I can from 8:30 AM - 3ish is not going to result in a very good interpretation anyways. My mental exhaustion alone from trying to understand all the Spanish was a lot. Although I was spared for part of it because Carlos felt bad the first day because there was no one to replace me and give me a break, so he only stayed for about 3 1/2 hours. And the 2nd day we ended up having a 2 hour lunch break, so that was nice on my brain and shoulders.

In the afternoons though I have been unusually free because most of the students that live here won't return until tomorrow for classes Mon. This has provided me some time to think, reflect, research, connect with other missionaries here, explore opportunities, etc. With just a little over a week left before I head back to the States, I thought I would give a bit of an update of what my time here has been like, and then give ya'll some updates about my future here -

So my entire time here for these 2 months in Peru was suppsoed to be a time of training and comfirmation. The training was mostly my time in Lima at school, and the confirmation was for when I came here to Pucallpa to seek out the Lord's will if this is indeed where He wants me, which is what He confirmed on June 13th. I have also been in a training/learning time here as I learn about El Refugio, observe/learn the culture here, see how they live/interact/work, learn what the Deaf education here is like, work with the deaf kids in school, learn what my role here will be, etc. Everything I do mimics what their daily life activities are and a great deal of my time here after I move here will be(at least initially for a while) continuing to build relationships and live and learn from everyone here. God is in everything I do, experience, learn, etc., and it is all part of the missionary journey. Even once I move here, my purpose and goal will not be "Evangelistic Missions," but rather "Mercy Missions" as I work more in General Education ministry and not in Church Planting/Soul-Winning types of ministry. Since this is a Christian school, I will definitely be able to speak with the kids here about the gospel. And whenever the opportunity arrises to share the gospel, I hope to take advantage of those opportunities, but my main goal will be education/training of the deaf and/or interpreters which I pray will ultimately allow the deaf kids/individuals to actually understand the gospel and have the opportunity to accept Christ as their own personal Savior as well. I'm excited to see what else the Lord may have in store for me as well after I move here and get more established. :)

In my quest to try and figure out some logistics before I leave, I've spoken a lot with Pastor Victor and Ana and I've been able to connect with 2 different missionary organizations here in Pucallpa. The First Answer to the Logistics-Related Prayers is that I have at least one confirmed housing option once I move here! I have been offered a small house here on the campus of El Refugio and I was able to see it this morning. It is so cute with 2 bedrooms, a small living room, a kitchen, and a small bathroom. And then yesterday, while I was visiting with one of the missionary organizations, I learned that there may be another option as well with a missionary organization right outside of El Refugio. Apparently they have dorms that they rent out specifically to single missionaries in the area, so I'm excited to see if that is another option when I meet up with a family from that organization early next week.

I am soo encouraged as I see God continuing to be His ever-faithful self and slowly put all the pieces together of what His plan is for me. I am excited to return to the States and see my family, friends, etc. and be able to share in Person what God is doing here, but at the same time, I don't want to leave. Please keep praying for me as I finish up these last 9 days here. I know I won't get all of the logistics figured out, but God will work out exactly what He wants in due time.

Thank You so much my extended family and God Bless!!

(I was dubbed 'Queen' and bestowed a crown and everything!)

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